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Homestead Fence Company's Technology

When you pay for fence installation a large component is labor. Homestead Fence Company prides itself on staying up to date with the latest fencing technologies. Every year, Homestead Fence invests in the newest machinery and fence building technology to ensure quality fence construction and installation. Better technology is a better savings for customers, since improved fencing technology cuts down the installation costs and saves time.

Homestead Fence's machinery Homestead Equipment Fleet

Homestead Fence utilizes a track skid steer machine that allows the crew to maneuver easily throughout the often challenging terrain of Vermont. In addition, Homestead Fence uses a post driver that is viewed as one of the best pounders in the industry. The unique feature is the rock spike that allows the team to drive through rocks, roots, and frost to diversify the locations where fencing can be installed. Additionally, Homestead Fence has a hydraulic auger with multiple bits, including a rock drill, that is used for digging through rocks and certain types of ledge. For woven wire fences, the crew uses a hydraulic wire stretcher that allows for faster construction and quality installation of wire.